Since 1994 Tecway International has been successfully identifying, promoting and distributing innovative, high quality and cost effective solutions to the Marine & Offshore, Oil and Gas industries within China. We have developed and sustained a strong reputation for our ability to recognize suitable products and promote these successfully to our established and extensive customer base.
Tecway International has offices in strategic locations throughout China. This allows our experienced sales personnel to develop strong working relationships with our clients. Our knowledge, integrity, pre-sales and after-sales service have seen Tecway establish itself as one of the leading technical consultants and distributors in China.
  • 船东:散货船市场终于苦尽甘来

    熬过多年船多货少的日子,散货船市场终于苦尽甘来。 多个散货船船东近日表示,在持续数年的船多货物少之后,尽管目前市场仍旧没有全面复苏,但散运市场最糟糕的时刻已经过去。 最近几年里,散运业一直是航运业表现最差的领域。一些航运公司已经因此遭受重创——韩国韩进海运在今年8月破产,部分原因也是受散运市场低迷影响。 最近几周一些迹象表明,受益于明年新船数量预计下降,工业需求有所改善,航运市场预计也将有所改善。随着中国煤炭和铁矿石进口量的增加,以及全...

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